Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Tour of My Craft Room

About a month ago, I decided my craft room needed an overhaul.  There was a mound of paper, ribbon, and stamps on top of my work table, and couldn't find my paper cutter.  It was so frustrating, and I just couldn't concentrate to create in that space.  I needed ORGANIZATION!  So, I began the (long) process of sorting through my stuff and finding a place for everything.  It was tough…I had to part with a lot of items that I just couldn't find space for (and to be honest, hadn't used in awhile…or ever), but it was totally worth it!

I started by purchasing these two ladder bookshelves, which work perfectly for storing all my stamp sets.

I must have found at least 50 finished cards in the mess on my table, and I had a basket laying around that they fit into perfectly!  So, I bought 6 more of them, and filled them all!  I used to store my punches in an antique sewing box, but it was becoming too heavy, and I was concerned I would ruin it.  I put them in the box on the bottom shelf.  It has dividers, so I could put them in rows, and I love how I can see them all at once!  I had all these great ways to organize and didn't even realize it!

I saw this idea for storing my paper scraps online awhile back, and have been using it for a couple years now.  I can't imagine doing it any other way.  Each color has it's own hanging file and the tabs show exactly what color is in each folder.  I keep them all in a rolling cart, so I can move it anywhere in the room.

Last year, my husband helped my make this awesome craft table.  I purchased two of those 9-cube storage units, and added a sheet of melamine to the top.  It's great because I use the bins to hold my adhesives, embellishments, and Big Shot dies and folders, as well as retired items that I don't want to part with and my business supplies.

To finish off the tour, here's where I keep my card stock (in magazine holders in the vertical slots), Cricut, and printer.  I also have some finished scrapbook pages and albums here.  I used to keep all my ribbon in the organizer on the wall - it had dowels on the bottom two shelves to hold them.  It drove me crazy because when I wanted to a whole roll, it seemed like it was always in the middle, so I had to pull off all the others to get to it.  Then it was such a pain to put them all back on, so I would just leave them piled up somewhere.  (Hence, the giant mess.)  I currently have them in a large craft tote under the ladder shelves.  I'm looking for ideas on how to store ribbon, if you have any!

All my Cricut cartridges are on a shelving unit on the wall.

In celebration of my newly organized space, I am giving away a stamp set from my stash of retired items.  Head on over to my Facebook page to see how you can win!

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